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Otesha is a Swahili word that translated means hope, a reason to dream or cause to grow.   In 2011, Cathy spent 5 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania and was able to see the world through the eyes of others who had never travelled outside their small village. 
Since 1992, she has been inspired by the resilience of those who are struggling to achieve a better life for themselves.  As a frontline social worker and then as a director at a larger youth-focused charity, she was able to assist others in finding their own hope, through counselling, program development and problem-solving. 
Now using that same theme of hope and growth, she works with businesses and charities who are striving to become more resilient, sustainable and relevant in today’s marketplace.  Cathy and her team manage diverse projects, events, and fundraising campaigns through the identification of a critical path, the observation and implementation of process improvement, and the execution of required tasks to meet strategic goals and targets.
Otesha Consulting Inc. delivers on meaningful social impact projects to facilitate our client's growth.  Let us know how we can help YOU.

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